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Violet Artichocke of Castellammare

Violet artichoke of Castellammare, also known as “Violetto di Castellammare” is a artichoke without thorns and takes its name for the pinkish color that shades into a violet of its edible leaves, the scales. This artichoke typical of the province of Naples, in particular of Castellammare, is considered a subtype of the “Romanesque” variety and it is famous for the tenderness of its scales and their delicate color



This farm was founded in a district close to Naples.They yield the typical products of their territory.

Thanks to the proximity to the sea, the wind promotes a healthy agriculture and mitigates the summer temperatures.

This product has regained all its vigor and pride due to an ancient history from the Romans in a unique and particularly favorable habitat: this area, close to Pompeii, is a lucky agricultural area that it was famous for the high quality of vegetables produced.

In this area there is a mild climate because the area is enclosed by the Lattari Mountains to the east, Mount Vesuvius to the west, south to the sea of Sorrento coast, north agro Nocerino sarnese. 

Mappa Italia - Napoli

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