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Selection of traditional and artisanal cheese made by small dairy farm to preserve the quality. Dop, organic, gluten free, lactiosium free.

Cold Cut

Selection of different cold cuts from pig, cow and buffalo. All of this are made by artisanal farm to preserve the traditions on base the place of production.  Organic, slow food and classic method.


100% Italian bottled seafood products.  Colatura di Alici (Anchovy condiment) is Slow  Food Presidia. The tuna and the anchovy are hand bottled to preserve their quality. 

Fruits & Vegetables Derivates

Fruit and vegetable in jar a rare product made with care and attention to the land. Organic Marmalade and cream, mustard, Truffle condiment and slow food product.

Pasta, Flour, Cereals and Legumes

From artisanal pasta di Gragnano to artinal pasta of grano arso. Different kind of cereals and legumes from different Italian area to describe a history of singular place. Ipg, organic, diodinamic, slow food  classic method.

Condiments and Sauces

Olive oil dop, slow food tomato sauce and Genovese sause some of product selected. High quality and care about of the land make this product  excellent and rare.

Baked Products

Dried bread made in artisanal way to production. Senator Cappelli, kamut, whole and grano arso.
Cookies and cake made in a artisanal pastry laboratory, typical of Manua.


White, red and rosè wine. From north to south of Italy. Made with different kind of grapes.  The grapes autochthon made the wine unique. Dop, docg, organic, diodinamic and classic method.


From south of Italy a sweet and strong coffee. Coffee Beans, grinded and coffee pod.


As a gift to yourself and to your friends: a voyage inside Italian cuisine. In each box you will find the ingredients needed to cook a plate of Italian cuisine.